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RDC Dosimetry Badges

Peace of mind and industry best quality.

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  • Peace of mind that only comes from the industry's best

    RDC’s dosimetry service has long been recognized as the standard for customer satisfaction. Using TLD badges (also known as x-ray badges or radiation badges), RDC ensures the safety and well-being of their customers. TLD is industry standard technology that is more reliable than film and has many other benefits over some of the other technologies on the market.

    RDC believes our customers deserve the best service possible, which is why we have live Customer Service Representatives available between the hours of 8am - 5pm (Central) We have also created the best online ordering system and continue to devote time & energy in making MyAccount the customer-centered tool it should be.

  • Badge Reporting Periods Available Description Minimal Reportable Dose Energies Measured Industries
    TLD-XBGN Monthly, Bi-Monthly & Quarterly Four Element Dosimeter 10 mrem (.10 mSv) X-ray, Beta, Gamma and will show presence of Neutrons. Beta 76 keV - 5 MeV. Photon 20 keV - 6 Mev. Healthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education
    TLD-XBGN w/ Track Etch Monthly, Bi-Monthly & Quarterly Four Element Dosimeter w/ Track Etch added for low energy neutrons 10 mrem (.10 mSv) for Dosimeter and 20 mrem (.20 mSv) for Track Etch X-ray, Beta, Gamma and Neutrons Healthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education, Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Medicine, Mining
    TLD-XBG Extremity: Monthly, Bi-Monthly & Quarterly Single Element Dosimeter for Extremities 10 mrem (.10 mSv) X-ray, Betas and Photons. Beta 76 keV - 5 MeV. Photon 20 keV - 6 Mev. Healthcare, Veterinary, Government, Education
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