Clip Straps

Clip Straps are ideal for attaching your RDC dosimetry badges to your clothing for worry free monitoring.

Price: Start at $6.00

All Clip Strap sales are final.

Sealed Source Wipe Test Analysis

RDC's wipe test analysis kit contains easy-to-follow instructions and all of the materials necessary to perform leak tests on sealed radioactive sources. Samples are returned to RDC by mail for analysis. A leak test certificate is issued showing the results of the analysis. Certificates should be received within 10 business days after receipt of the kits by RDC.

Price: $25.00

All sales are final.

Badge Boards

Standard Badge Boards will come with badge spaces labeled, "Badge 1, Badge 2, Badge 3, …"

Personalized Badge Boards may be customized with company name, company logo, and/or up to 30 characters per badge space. The additional charge for personalization is $2.00 each per company name, logo and badge space.

All Badge Boards come with Command Strip, self-adhesive hangers and an attached clip for hanging the badge on each badge square. Badge boards should be placed or mounted, along with the Control badge, in a location away from where radiation is being emitted. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

To order personalized Badge Boards, please contact RDC at 800.250.3314

Price: Start at $20.00

All sales are final.