RDC Partners To Reduce Risk For Pregnant Employees

April 12, 2022 |
Designing A Radiation Safety Program

In 2018, a nationally recognized Dental Services Organization (DSO) with over 700 locations in 30 states and adding new practices rapidly recognized disparate safety practices for pregnant employees across their portfolio.

They wanted to implement a high standards radiation safety program to protect their employees and their company. Therefore they reached out to Radiation Detection Company (RDC), the leading provider of radiation safety services to multi-site healthcare practices.

Partnering On The Program

RDC began with a portfolio risk assessment and from those findings collaborated with the customer. Afterward the customer was able to choose between two possible program designs to achieve the program objectives at minimal cost.

Reducing Risk For The Employees And Company

Finally with an RDC radiation safety program in place, over 2,000 employees who interact with radiation have their exposure monitored. Additionally this helps be aware of any potential issues which gives peace of mind. Having visibility into the compliance of the entire portfolio, assures safety requirements are met at the corporate level. At last the company as a whole is not at risk of wrongdoing at any individual location.

“We estimate that at any given time, there are over 50 expecting mothers working across our various location. For me personally, it brings me a lot of comfort to know that those women are kept safe by the radiation safety program I put in place.” -Program Manager

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