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What are the differences between your badge service and others on the market?

Cody Miles | July 4, 2018

Commitment to the Industry At RDC, we pride ourselves in our longevity and our commitment to service. In business since the dawn of the industry, RDC understands the threats ionizing radiation pose in the workplace, and how important your service is to you and your employees. In-house experts are available during our business hours to assist in an un-biased, knowledgeable manner. We are accredited to NVLAP (Lab Code 100512-0) and registered to ISO 9001:2015.

Commitment to Our Customers RDC is privately owned with many employees who have been with us for over 20 years. The people working on your account are familiar with the technology, familiar with the industry and most importantly, familiar with you. We have intentionally well staffed customer care and sales departments so that when you call us, you can get a real person instead of a phone tree. We value our customers and wish to see them treated as we would want to be treated.

Here’s what you can expect from RDC:
-Access to RDC’s free online management tool “MyRadCare”
-Ability to download reports / invoices
-Each badge can be color-coded and / or identified by department
-NO maintenance fees
-NO fees to add, delete or make changes to wearers
-NO fees to add multiple groups or to transfer wearers between groups
-NO fees for duplicate copies of reports when generated through MyRadCare
-NO fees for termination reports when generated through MyRadCare
-NO fees for NRC-5 forms when generated through MyRadCare
-NO fees for email notifications alerting customers to unreturned badges
-NO fees to make payments online

RDC will not charge you hidden fees or extra surcharges. When you receive a price from RDC, that is what you will see on your bill (provided you didn’t lose or damage a badge). Other provider’s in the marketplace often add in additional charges for these requests making your total cost of service much higher than advertised. So even with a low badge price, when you add in all the additional charges, RDC comes out the clear winner.

Commitment to Innovation Radiation Detection Company maintains state of the art lab facilities to ensure we can provide our customers with the highest quality of service. We have invested heavily in our online systems to provide our customers immediate electronic access to their records.

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