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What is a Radiation Source Sheet and why is it important that I complete one?

Cody Miles | July 4, 2018

RDC’s customers are best served when we understand the sources around which you work.  A completed Radiation Source Sheet helps us determine the accurate response of our dosimeters.  An improperly exposed badge can be more easily identified and errors can corrected by making minor adjustments that ensure the most accurate dose readings possible.

Radiation Source Sheets are also used to calculate dose from our ring dosimeters.  A ring dosimeter contains one phosphor, unlike our typical TLD badge, which contains four separate phosphors and filtration that can discriminate different energies.  This makes it impossible to automatically determine what type of radiation a ring has been exposed and this discrimination of energies is what determines the type of radiation to which the badge has been exposed.   

During the setup of your account, a review of your sources allows us to set the type of radiation the ring will be exposed to. This insures the proper correction values are applied during the calculation process. While we can report dose from our ring dosimeters without the proper correction factors, the readings may not be as accurate.

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