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What is neutron dosimetry?

Cody Miles | July 4, 2018

While the Panasonic 802 dosimeter that we utilize for gamma, beta, and x-ray radiation exposure does give a neutron signature, we do not report neutron readings from this dosimeter. Instead, we offer the same dosimeter with the addition of a track-etch element. This dosimeter type is referred to as an 83 badge.

The track-etch element is essentially a small piece of plastic that becomes pitted by neutron radiation as it passes through the badge. These pits are expanded using an etching process and counted under a microscope with an automated reader. This process is typically more accurate than using thermoluminescent dosimeters for neutron dosimetry.

Moisture or density gauges, containing americium-241, is mixed with beryllium to produce neutrons. It is the thermalization of these neutrons that provides an estimate of moisture or density.

Due to the high kinetic energy of neutrons, this radiation is considered to be the most severe and dangerous type of radiation. It is very important to have the right type of dosimeter when working with neutron radiation.

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