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What kind of dosimeters do you use?

Cody Miles | July 4, 2018

RDC uses the Panasonic UD-802 dosimeter (for photons and beta radiation and PN-3 for neutron monitoring). This dosimeter has been the dosimeter of choice in the critical nuclear power environment since the 1980’s and is a well-known and very capable dosimeter.

With four individual detectors and filters, the badge design allows excellent photon discrimination. The use of the relatively tissue-equivalent lithium borate phosphor, means that the detectors require small correction factors, resulting in more precise, less error prone results than most other dosimeters.

We also offer finger ring dosimeters comprising a single element dosimeter contained in a waterproof, soft comfortable plastic (PVC) pouch on an adjustable plastic strap, adjustable from size 6 to 14. The finger ring is recommended for clients whose extremities are exposed to X-ray beams or who directly handle radioactive materials.

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