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Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG)

Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG) Is a non-profit organization created so that individuals with functional disabilities could continue to learn, grow, And contribute throughout their adult lives. BiG Is a God-centered community, based on the belief that every life Is precious, And every person has value, just as they were created.

BiG seeks To provide an environment that provides continuity Of purpose And meaning For deserving adults challenged With autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, brain injury, And other intellectual disabilities. Cognitively speaking, these individuals may Not have the skills Or opportunity to work independently.

BiG exists To give this special population an opportunity To experience the dignity that Is earned by completing meaningful work. BiG trains And supports 40 Citizens In our day vocational program. They engage In real-life enterprises including pottery, card – making, laser – printing And gardening.The products they create And raise are sold To support BiG, thus giving our Citizens the satisfaction of contributing to their own success.

Our approach to serving adults with disabilities marks a paradigm shift in thinking: we accept our Citizens As they are, And fit jobs And meaningful activities To their strengths. We believe that everyone has something special they can contribute. BiG also enriches the lives Of our Citizens by providing opportunities For growth through music, drama, creative arts And community service.

BiG Is proud To be a meaningful Option For individuals With special needs To experience continued learning, social connections, And important work within their community.

Through the grace of God, Brookwood in Georgetown provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs and relationships for adults with special needs.

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