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Mini Data Microchips


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Each box of Mini Data Microchips comes with 25 chips, 25 pre-loaded, 15-gauge, single-use applicators, and 25 metal collar ID tags.

All microchips also include the following features:

  • An instant Pet Amber Alert can be sent to all shelter and rescue groups within a fifty-mile radius of the pet’s known location.
  • 24/7 live Lost Pet call centre connects all calls to reunite pets with their owners.
  • All microchips can be looked up online to identify the pet and its owners.
  • Pet and Owner profiles can be updated online anytime.
  • Owners may register their pet to receive 30 days of free pet medical insurance.
  • Lost Pet posters can be generated online with the information on the chip.

Information on registering your pet’s microchip and opting into the insurance program will be included with your purchase.

For larger animals, we recommend the Standard Size Data Microchips.


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