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Corporate Veterinary Group Needing Simple Solution for Managing

December 9, 2021

Finding a Solution to Manage Hospital Acquisitions

In 2013, a nationally recognized Corporate Veterinary Group with over 75 partner hospitals across 20 states was looking for a single solution to manage their growing portfolio with ease.

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Partnering with Radiation Detection Company

RDC understands the needs of a growing corporate group and began by establishing a corporate account to help them bill and manage all of their locations in one place.  They were still able to allow individual clinics access to manage their service through the customer portal. 

Onboarded Quickly

As a business that is regularly acquiring new practices monthly, the conversion process can oftentimes be tedious and time consuming. RDC’s model includes a dedicated onboarding team and assigned account rep to help manage the logistical transitions with ease.

Establishing a Program to Make Account Management Easy

With a single corporate account in place, the program manager is now able to onboard new practices in a single day. In addition individual clinics still have the flexibility to manage their program independently through RDC’s online portal.

Partnering for Growth

Since partnering with RDC, the customer has acquired over 50 additional practices, seamlessly integrating them into their corporate account. This has provided a streamlined solution for practices to continue to manage the health and safety of their employees. 

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