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Dosimetry Badge Solutions for Every Need

We have dosimetry badge and measurement solutions for every application, from whole body and ring badges to fetal monitoring and leak tests.

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OSL Whole Body

The standard OSL badge (or Type 84 badge for photon monitoring) is a 2-element beryllium oxide (BeO) badge with a minimum reportable dose of 10 mem (0.10 mSv), and a LLD of 1 mrem.

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TLD Whole Body

The Standard Type 82 TLD-XBG badge or Type 83 TLD-XBGN badge for neutron is a four-element radiation badge with a minimal reportable dose of 10 mrem (.10 mSv).

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Fetal Monitoring

The Standard Type 82 TLD-XBG badge or Type 83 TLD-XBGN badge for neutron, fetal monitor is a four-element radiation badge with a minimal reportable dose of 10 mem (.10 m§V).

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Wrist Badge

The Standard Type 82 TLD-XBG badge or Type 83 TLD-XBGN badge for neutron, is a four-element dosimeter badge with a minimal reportable dose of 10 mrem (.10 mSvi).

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Ring Badge

The TLD-XBG Extremity is a single element ring dosimeter for extremities. The ring badge is available for radiation workers whose job functions potentially require their arms or legs to receive a higher exposure.

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Leak Tests

Our wipe test analysis kits contain everything vou need to perform leak tests on sealed radioactive sources.

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Service has been excellent. Timely turnarounds for new wearers who are brought on mid wear period.

Talmage Kegley
Phoenix, LLC

I seldom need assistance with the site, or ordering, but when I do customer service is professional, polite, efficient, and speaks clearly and understandably. They also follow through to ensure any issues are quickly resolved.

Debbie Thompson
TriState Radiology Center

Always an ease at paying our bill, the customer service representatives are always so kind and helpful. Great service all the way around!

Gloria J
James E McSweeney MD
Your Business

No Matter the Size of Your Business, We Have Radiation Dosimetry and Compliance Solutions to Fit Your Needs

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Case Study

Regional DSO in Need of More Reliable Dosimetry Service

As one of the country’s largest Medicaid dental provider networks, Kids Dental Brands believes that every kid, regardless of family income, deserves quality, patient-centered dentistry. By providing support through centralized business services, they’ve been able to help practices achieve that mission by taking away the burden of some of the business management. One such support service includes offering a dosimetry program solution to meet employee safety and compliance needs....

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  • Compliance

    RDC's NVLAP (Lab Code 100512-0) accreditation combined with 75 years of industry experience makes us the longest-running dosimetry provider out there. RDC provides the fastest report turnaround time in the industry with 98% of reports generated in 6 days or less.

  • Affordability

    DC's extensive network of partner relationships gives businesses the ability to take advantage of the best rates using the names they already rely on every day.

  • Accessibility

    Our best-in-industry account management platform combined with our live customer service has earned us the honor of being the top-rated customer experience provider.

Case Study

National DSO Needing an Effective Compliance Program

A nationally recognized Dental Services Organization (DSO) with over 1600 locations across 29 states were facing compliance challenges across their portfolio of locations. Radiation Safety Programs were independently managed by the facilities, which opened risk for poor supply chain management, and increased spend due to low-volume quantities. This resulted in numerous fines for non-compliance across many of their clinics throughout the country and created a liability for the company....

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  • Control Cost

    Leverage bulk volume pricing and RDC's extensive network of partner relationships to give your partner practices the best rates and control corporate costs. With tiered pricing, costs continue to go down and all of your practices save.

  • Reduce Liability

    Ensure all of your partner locations are fully protected by efficiently overseeing your radiation safety in one, central place. Each practice manages their own badges, and you stay updated via our Account Portal. RDC also provides the fastest report turnaround time in the industry with 98% of reports generated in 6 days or less, ensuring your compliance isn't on hold.

  • Manage Complexity

    With a dedicated account manager and flexible account management platform, you can streamline your operations without sacrificing clinic autonomy. Locations manage the day-to-day operations and you receive one invoice for all account activity.

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We Provide Radiation Detection Badge Solutions for Nearly Every Industry

Our NVLAP accredited dosimeter badge service is the highest rated radiation compliance solution for your business to manage radiation exposure (Lab Code 100512-0).
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