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Dosimeter Badge Service for the Everyday Practice

Our NVLAP accredited dosimeter badge service is the highest rated radiation compliance solution for your business to manage radiation exposure (Lab Code 100512-0)
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Single Location

RDC offers all of the tools and services you need to meet compliance standards. Our quality dosimeter badge services, easy to use online account management portal, and live customer care ensure that every step of the process is easy, reliable, and affordable.

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Corporate Group

We help growing corporate groups reduce costs, manage complexity, and reduce liability through our flexible program that allows you to manage your processes from one central location.

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We Help Growing Organizations Exceed Radiation Safety Standards

For over seven decades, RDC has worked to make meeting and surpassing radiation safety requirements simple, intuitive, and cost-effective. We offer a wide array of cost effective dosimeter badge services to accommodate the needs of any organization or corporate group, no matter the size or industry they are in. Our badges are ready to wear as soon as you receive them, and RDC will cover the costs of shipping them out to you. When you’re ready to return the badges, we’ll send you another set so you’re never without one. 

To make the process as simple as possible, RDC provides an online account management portal, MyRadCare, where you’ll be able to receive instant updates, track and order badges, find dose reports, and update your account information. Everything in MyRadCare is updated in real time, and it’s designed so that customers can easily manage their accounts themselves. 

However, we know that navigating dosimeter services can be complicated, so our world-class customer care team is always here to help. Whether you’re interested in signing up for services, needing assistance, or simply looking for some guidance, our team has you covered. We offer live customer support through chat, email, and over the phone, and if you contact us after business hours, we’ll always respond within one business day or less. 

Meet Regulatory Needs

Our top-of-the-line radiation badge solutions are designed to help your organization meet and surpass voluntary and legal safety standards. If you’re unsure where to start, our committed customer support team will gladly work with you to figure it out.

  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Dose Limits
  • Training as specific in NRC 10CFR19.12
  • Regulations set by NRC: NMSS Agreement States
  • Regulatory Authority Licensing and Permitting Requirements

Getting Started With Radiation Detection Company Is Easy


Order Badges

Create an account at signup.radetco.com in 10 minutes or less and receive badges ready to wear within 7 business days.


Wear and Return

Passive badges are simple and durable, requiring almost no staff training or maintenance. Simply wear badges and return them when the new set arrives. With our EasyReturns option, we’ll even include a prepaid label with every regular shipment.


See Reports

Once radiation badges arrive to our lab, badges are processed and a digital Dose Report is available within 3-5 business days.

Get the Guide to Radiation Safety Regulation in the US

Radiation safety standards vary widely from state to state. To help you determine the requirements for your practice, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate compliance across all 50 states.

Learn How Our Easy-To-Use Dosimetry Solutions Can Boost The Efficiency Of Your Practice.